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About the Aircraft


Superbly finished Paradise USA P1, an all-metal airplane with a quality all-leather interior that feels secure and comfortable.

The overall design of the Paradise USA P1 is crafted with the utmost care, using the latest technology. The plane’s frame is welded and covered with an aviation grade aluminum which provides a very sturdy body, requiring minimum maintenance and a lifetime of service.

Powerful yet reliable the 100HP Rotax 912 ULS provides the P1 with a remarkable short take off and landing performance. Not to mention, an excellent climb rate and cruise speed. A single person can easily remove the cowling in order to gain access to every component of the engine for maintenance or inspection.

An excellent wing design and large moving horizontal tail that allows the aircraft to be gentle yet stable with superb stall characteristics. Its dual control system, rugged landing gear, pedal steered nose gear and wide range of optional, along with excellent flight performance ensures a safe and leisurely air travel.

The Paradise USA P1 offers you more cubic area than most aircraft in the LSA category. Standard leather interior and spacious cockpit, together with panel-mounted yokes, provides you with maximum comfort while flying. It’s high wing, side-by-side seating, easily accommodates two persons. With 18 cubic ft of space, you’re sure to be able to fit two golf bags, a cooler or maybe even some fishing or camping equipment. And if you desire additional sleeping space for your journey, in matter of seconds you can pop out either one of the front seats, and lay out a sleeping bag.

With Paradise USA P1's nose-down level flight characteristics, you will have perfect all around visibility, providing you with a new level of enjoyment and safety. Paradise USA P1 is fully compliant with all ASTM standards for Light Sport Aircraft. With 130 mph cruise speed, low gas consumption and over 500 miles range.

There are many disabled persons, who have or had dreams of flying a plane and many of them thought that they would never live them out. We at Paradise USA Aircraft are striving to help them reach their dreams.

Paradise USA P1 is a true representation of a supreme aircraft, luxurious, fast and agile. Join the family of Paradise USA P1 owners, as we take the next generation of pilots into the future!



Technical Breakdown

Takeoff distance 110 m 360 feet
Takeoff over 50 ft obstacle 155 m 511 feet
Climb rate 4.3 m/s 800 fpm
Stall speed full flaps 64 km/h 40 mph
Stall speed w/o flaps 72 km/h 45 mph
Cruise speed (75%) true airspeed 209 km/h 130 mph
Never exceed speed (Vne) 230 km/h 144 mph
Length 6.24 m 20.50 feet
Wing span 9.44 m 31 feet
Wing area 12.59 m² 148 ft²
Wing loading 39.71 Kg/m² 8.13 lb/ft²
Fuel (useful) 143 L 38 Gal
Range (65% power - no reserve) 1.023 km 635 m
Endurance (no reserve) 7.3 hr 7.3 hr
Empty Weight 370 Kg 815 lb
Useful Load 230 Kg 505 lb
Max. takeoff weight - MTOW 600 Kg 1,320 lb
Cabin width 1.10 m 43.3 in
Baggage area 0.47 m³ 30,0 ft³





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